Office Chair Handle

HC-AP01 Aluminum C Armrest

HC-AP01 Aluminum C Armrest
HC-AP01 Aluminum C Armrest
Item:HC-AP01 Aluminum C Armrest

◇Use for:
Chair componments /
ESD chair componments /
Industry chair componments /
Medical chair componments /
Office chair componments
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Dimension:Length 405× Width 54× Height 197mm

Finish:Polished、Brushed、Powder Coating

HC-AP01 Aluminum C Armrest

Our office chair handle can be used as chair armrests for a wide range of seating options, including anti-static chairs, industrial chairs, medical chairs, and office chairs. Made from lightweight aluminum alloy, they offer excellent strength and durability for stable support. Additionally, the armrests can undergo various treatments such as polishing, brushing, and paint coating to enhance corrosion resistance and wear resistance, extending their lifespan.


Material:A380(ADC10 / 12)



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