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HC-M01 Aluminum mechanism block

HC-M01 Aluminum mechanism block
HC-M01 Aluminum mechanism block
Item:HC-M01 Aluminum mechanism block

◇Use for:
Chair componments /
ESD chair componments /
Industry chair componments /
Medical chair componments /
Office chair componments
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Weight:approx. 0.23±0.15KG

Dimension:Length 65.7× Width 65.7× Height 55mm

Finish:Polished、Black Powder Coating

HC-M01 Aluminum mechanism block

Hsin Chernq | Aluminum Die Casting Company

Our aluminum alloy housings are compatible with various types of chair bases, including office chairs, computer chairs, and industrial chairs. They are also widely used in the medical field, specifically in doctor chairs for clinics, providing reliable support and stability. Additionally, we offer two surface treatment options: polishing and black coating, allowing you to choose the finish that best suits your needs.


Material:A380(ADC10 / 12)



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