HC-M01 Aluminum mechanism block

Item:HC-M01 Aluminum mechanism block

◇Use for:
Chair componments /
ESD chair componments /
Industry chair componments /
Medical chair componments /
Office chair componments

Weight:approx. 0.23±0.15KG

Dimension:Length 65.7× Width 65.7× Height 55mm

Finish:Polished、Black Powder Coating

Introducing our Aluminum Mechanism Block, a versatile component designed to enhance the functionality and performance of various chair components. Whether you need it for chair components, ESD chair components, industry chair components, medical chair components, or office chair components, our Aluminum Mechanism Block is the ideal choice.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum, our Mechanism Block offers durability and strength while maintaining a lightweight design. With an approximate weight of 0.23±0.15KG, it provides optimal support and stability.

The dimensions of the block are carefully designed to ensure seamless integration with your chair components. Measuring at a length of 65.7mm, width of 65.7mm, and height of 55mm, it offers a compact yet efficient solution for your chair mechanisms.

To suit your aesthetic preferences and match your chair design, our Aluminum Mechanism Block is available in two attractive finishes: polished and black powder coating. The polished finish adds a sleek and modern touch, while the black powder coating offers a bold and sophisticated look.

Material:A380(ADC10 / 12)


HC-M01 Aluminum mechanism block

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