HC-M06 Adjustable foot glide

Item:HC-M06 Adjustable foot glide

◇Use for:
Chair componments /
ESD chair componments /
Industry chair componments /
Medical chair componments /
Office chair componments

Weight:approx. 0.029KG

Dimension:Plastic Ø39.7× Height 35.5mm






Introducing our Adjustable Foot Glide, a versatile solution designed to provide stability and support for various chair components. Whether you need it for chair components, ESD chair components, industry chair components, medical chair components, or office chair components, our Adjustable Foot Glide is the perfect choice.

Crafted with high-quality materials, our foot glide ensures durability and reliability. The plastic body, with a diameter of Ø39.7mm and a height of 35.5mm, offers a lightweight yet robust construction. The steel base is chromed for added strength and resistance to wear.

The adjustable design of our foot glide allows you to fine-tune the height and levelness of your chair. This feature ensures optimal comfort and stability, making it suitable for various chair types and surfaces. Whether you're using it on carpeted floors, hardwood surfaces, or tiled areas, our foot glide adapts effortlessly to provide a secure and balanced seating experience.

With a weight of approximately 0.029KG, our Adjustable Foot Glide is lightweight and easy to install. Its compact size makes it a discreet addition to your chair, without compromising on its functionality.



HC-M06 Adjustable foot glide

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