HC-M12-02 Steel (Galvanized) Handel

Item:HC-M12-02 Steel (Galvanized) Handel

◇Use for:
Chair componments /
ESD chair componments /
Industry chair componments /
Medical chair componments /
Office chair componments

Weight:0.09±0.05 KG

Dimension:Length 230mm

Finish:Plastic Handel (Black)+Steel (Galvanized)

Introducing our Steel (Galvanized) Handle, a reliable and versatile component designed for various chair applications. Whether you need it for chair components, ESD chair components, industry chair components, medical chair components, or office chair components, our Steel Handle is the perfect choice.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our handle features a steel (Galvanized) construction that ensures strength and resistance to wear. The chrome finish adds a sleek and modern touch, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your chair.

The handle boasts a comfortable and ergonomic design, with a length of 230mm, providing a convenient grip for users. Its plastic handle in black complements the steel base, creating a visually appealing contrast.

Weighing approximately 0.09±0.05 KG, our Steel Handle offers a lightweight solution without compromising on durability and functionality. Its sturdy construction allows for seamless operation and long-lasting performance.




HC-M12-02 Steel (Galvanized) Handel

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