HC-91920 Footring


◇Use for:
Bar chair footring
Chair footring
Drafting Stool
ESD chair foorting
Foot Rest Ring
Foot suport ring
Industry chair footring
Medical chair footring
Office chair footring
Stool Footrest

Appearance:91920" aluminum spoke with center bushing (Dimension 50MM)


Dimension:Outer diameter 509×Height 67.5mm

Finish:Polished、Powder Coating



Introducing our versatile Footring, an essential accessory for enhancing comfort and support in various seating applications. Whether you require a footring for a bar chair, chair, drafting stool, ESD chair, footrest ring, foot support ring, industry chair, medical chair, office chair, or stool, our product is the perfect solution.

The Footring features a sleek appearance with a 919 aluminum spoke and a center bushing, ensuring stability and durability. The dimension of the center bushing is 50mm, providing a secure and reliable attachment.

Weighing approximately 1.5±0.05KG, our Footring strikes the perfect balance between strength and lightweight design. The carefully designed dimensions offer optimal compatibility with a variety of seating options. The outer diameter of the footring is 509mm, while the height measures 67.5mm, providing a comfortable foot support.

To suit your aesthetic preferences, our Footring is available in two appealing finishes: polished and powder coating. The polished finish adds a touch of sophistication, while the powder coating provides excellent durability and resistance to scratches.

Material:ADC10 / 12(A380/AL226)+Chrome steel ring(Round/Oval)


HC-91920 Footring

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