HC-RB+SP Hammock

Item:Hammock Lumpy Pepper& Salt Frame+Rainbow Net

◇Use for:
Hammock stand foldable
Hammock outdoor
Hammock inhouse
Hammock picnic
Hammock leisure
Hammock camping

Weight:(approx.) 8.5KG

Packing size:115×20×15 CM

Loading capacity (approx.):180 KG


Introducing our versatile Hammock, the perfect companion for all your relaxation needs. Whether you're seeking a cozy spot in your backyard, planning an outdoor adventure, or simply looking to unwind indoors, our hammock is designed to provide ultimate comfort and convenience.

Crafted with durability in mind, our hammock is suitable for various settings. Its sturdy construction ensures stability and safety, making it ideal for use with a foldable hammock stand, in the great outdoors, inside your home, during picnics, for leisurely lounging, or even for camping trips.

With a weight of approximately 8.5KG, our hammock strikes the perfect balance between portability and sturdiness. You can easily pack it into the included compact carrying bag, measuring 115×20×15 CM, making it effortless to transport and store.

Rest assured, our hammock has an impressive loading capacity of approximately 180 KG, ensuring durability and providing ample support for a comfortable and secure lounging experience.

Indulge in moments of relaxation and serenity with our Hammock, your ultimate companion for unwinding and enjoying the great outdoors or creating a cozy oasis right at home.



HC-RB+SP Hammock

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